The ideal solution to digitize mail and contract management processes at low cost

Document Transaction Management

Zynyo DTM is a Document Transaction Management application designed for repetitive work processes. It is an ideal solution for organisations that want to digitise their internal and outgoing mail and contract management processes immediately, at low cost and with a high return on investment. Experience the ease of use of DTM yourself through a free one-month trial.

In the cloud or on-premise

Zynyo DTM can be purchased in the cloud or on premise. The basic version contains all the functionality you need to get started right away. You can immediately start creating work processes with a fixed sequence of signers, using different means of identification (e.g. mouse, SMS-TAN or iDIN) and including a copy recipient. Zynyo DTM also provides the ability to link to an existing central user registry through Single-Sign-On (SSO). Apart from the fixed work processes, a separate signing process can also be started with new contacts, who can then be stored in the general contact list at your discretion.

How does it work?

Basic functionalities in Zynyo DTM:

  • Overview of open and processed documents
  • Cancel signing process
  • Send a reminder directly
  • Status of open documents (opened, read, validated, signed)
  • Status of processed documents (signed, cancelled, expired)
  • Separate document and deed of signature

Zynyo DTM features:

  • Start digital signing immediately
  • Merging PDF documents
  • In the cloud or on-premise
  • No local software required
  • Create, store and manage work processes
  • Enter, save and manage contacts
  • Single-sign-on with ADFS, SAML, OAuth, etc.

Start signing immediately via Zynyo DTM

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