Digitization of care documents digital signing, with online patient approval

In the healthcare industry, digitization is moving at breakneck speed. Healthcare professionals are increasingly working with tablets, and caregivers can use their cell phones to view and, if desired, report on files. This way, they always have up-to-date client information at hand.

Family of clients can view care plans online if they wish. All this provides efficient and higher quality care. The days of a paper care folder are over. The next step in this development is the ability to digitally sign care plans and other documents as well.

It is also easy to obtain approval to share patient data between different healthcare providers. Not only does this save a lot of time, money and administrative hassle, but it is also perfectly in line with the further digitalisation of the healthcare sector. Now, the digitised process is interrupted in order to print, sign and send documents. This is a disruption of an efficient process. Zynyo already supports multiple healthcare institutions and hospitals.

Digital signing

The use of advanced-or qualified-digital signatures in healthcare can usually be integrated into the applications in use. A small extension of the existing interfaces is often sufficient. As a result, working with digital signatures is quickly adopted into existing processes. No education or training is required for employees.

Of course, it is also possible to use our application for document process management, integrated with digital signing, in addition to or linked to the existing case system. When advanced digital signatures are used, they often have the same legal value as wet written signatures.

Calculate savings

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