The digital signature offers many advantages for every industry

The use of digital signatures has many advantages for any industry. Not only is digital signing cheaper than using the wet signature, but there is more control and grip on the entire signing process. And those benefits are there for all signed parties.







Housing corporations

Of course, there are also industry-specific reasons to sign digitally. For example, in the construction industry it is a necessary evil to work more and more effectively and cost-efficiently. Digitizing document flows and using specific applications for that purpose are a critical condition for survival.

In education, various documents must be signed by many different parties such as students, supervisors, parents, educational institutions and placement companies. It is very costly and time-consuming for educational institutions to ensure that all parties sign on time. Digital signing offers a solution here.

In the healthcare sector, digitisation is proceeding at a rapid pace. Healthcare professionals are increasingly using tablets and mobile phones to view files and to report. But also clients' families can view their care plans online. The next step in this development is the ability to digitally sign care plans and other documents.

Every year in the Netherlands, 200,000 homes are occupied and vacated by housing corporations. This involves a multitude of signatures. Housing corporations, old tenants and new tenants benefit from a swift and careful handling of the process of leaving and moving into the old and the new house. Digital signing offers housing corporations - and all other signatories - many advantages in this respect.

Case-oriented working has been an important theme for all municipalities in the Netherlands for years. And it has been agreed nationally that municipal services must be fully digital from 1 January 2017. An important issue in the development of case-oriented working is the use of digital signatures.

For all industries, the digital signing of employment contracts must be done legally with a qualified digital signature.