About Zynyo

Zynyo makes secure, legally valid and responsible digital signing simple and accessible to everyone

Our vision is that legal digital signing is the final step in fully automating document handling. And thus a major step in the complete digitization of organizations.

Digital signing is going to undergo rapid development in the coming years in which reliability, security and legality must be followed. Zynyo's mission is to make legally valid, secure and responsible digital signing of documents accessible and feasible for everyone. To achieve this, three pillars are of great importance; platform, policy and partnership. These are our guiding principles in everything we do, design and develop.


The first pillar is the platform. Our representation of the perfect platform for digital signing has high availability and can also process large volumes of signatures. No waiting times for our clients. The platform has a flexible configuration so that we can adequately respond to both the wishes of our clients and changing legislation. All available and reliable authentication methods can be used. And the platform is our own 'in house' high-end scalable infrastructure with which both Zynyo and its customers are ready for a future with legally valid digital signatures.


When we talk about the second pillar; policy, we want to indicate that the services of Zynyo must at all times comply with all laws and regulations, both national and international. This also means that we use and manage our own certificates. But we can also manage the certificates for our clients. And policy ensures that we always sign with the correct required reliability levels.


Partnership stands for the relationship and dealings we have with our customers and partners. The starting point for the integration of digital signing is the existing customer process in combination with the requirements from the law. We want connecting to our platform to be easy without major impact for our customers. In addition, new functional wishes and requirements must be available quickly and we want to be a knowledge partner for business partners.