Housing corporations

Cost savings through efficient design of processes, thanks to electronic signature

Nearly 400 housing corporations and housing associations operate in the Netherlands. Every year, 200,000 times housing corporation houses are moved in and out, an average of 2 houses per corporation or association per day. Housing corporations, old tenants and new tenants benefit from quick and careful handling when leaving and moving in.

Housing corporations and housing associations face a great challenge when it comes to setting up customer processes efficiently. A logical next step in the entire digitization of processes is the introduction of digital signatures. Not only for rental agreements and transfer documents, but also, for example, for signing all agreements with chain partners and suppliers and processing damage reports and maintenance receipts.

The advanced digital signature suffices in many cases, is legally valid and has a high degree of reliability. Only in some cases is the qualified digital signature required. For this purpose, Zynyo provides a platform that is suitable for all types of document flows at all required reliability levels.

"After a thorough analysis of the signed application for functionality and legal security, we chose Zynyo. They turned out to meet our high requirements in terms of security and data protection. This allows us to further digitize our business processes - especially in the rental area - and make them more efficient."

- Jos Verboom, Information Advisor ICT, Waterweg Wonen

The use of advanced or qualified digital signatures for housing associations can usually be integrated into existing applications. A small extension of the interfaces used is often sufficient. As a result, working with digital signatures is quickly adopted into existing processes.

No special education or training is required for employees. Of course, it is also possible to use a Zynyo application, coupled with our Zynyo signing service software, for digital signing in addition to the applications used.

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