ZLM Insurance

Seal your policies easily and quickly with Zynyo

ZLM Insurances is the insurance company for individuals and entrepreneurs in the Southern Netherlands who are looking for reliable and high-quality insurance. At ZLM Insurance, personal attention and excellent service are paramount.

The challenge

As part of the ZLM ambition to continuously improve increase service, ZLM has made a customer portal available through which the customer always has instant access to all her data and insurance policies. Customers can also choose to communicate digitally and no longer receive letters. Since 22 February 2017 it has been mandatory to When providing digital policies these with a digital organization seal. ZLM faced this challenge and was looking for a suitable party to take care of this.

"Short lines of communication and partly because of that very satisfied with the cooperation. From initiation to realization everything was perfectly arranged!"

- Project manager, ZLM

The solution

Zynyo offers the perfect solution. Through simple integration with the platform of Zynyo policies provided with a (qualified) digital seal of ZLM including an official time stamp. The documents are automatically to Zynyo provided and returned. Zynyo thereby also the option to seal documents within the customer's own environment. seal.

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