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Sign your document within a few clicks, fully in line with European legislation. Experience for yourself how easy it is and try our free online demo.

Zynyo's unique Signing Service

With the Signing Service developed by Zynyo, all kinds of approval processes can be digitized. Paper processes are easily replaced by digital processes, making it possible to work much more efficiently.

Our experts are happy to help you with this transition. Zynyo is ISO 27001 certified and meets the strictest requirements of European legislation and AVG.

  • faster A paper signature requires an average of 3 days.
  • more efficient Automate business processes with digital signatures.
  • cheaper Save administrative costs of €3 to €6 per document.
  • more secure A digital signature is less susceptible to fraud.
  • less paper Digitization significantly reduces paper consumption.
  • more control See where your documents are at any time.

How does it work?

  • Start signing wherever you want, whenever you want
  • Sign and send documents from a secure environment
  • The identity of the signatory is validated
  • Upon completion, you will receive a Deed of Signature with time and ID information
  • The document is sealed and cannot be modified
  • Sign in full compliance with European legislation


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Safe & legal

The European ETSI standards ensure that the digital signature is set up in a technically correct manner. The signing process is primarily an authentication of the signer, who does this at the moment that he/she has taken cognisance of the document and agrees with its contents.

In accordance with the ETSInorm, Zynyo has recorded this agreement in the Deed of Signature, which then forms part of the signed document. This deed contains several crucial aspects of the digital signature:

  • Method of signature
  • Time stamp with time of signature
  • Sealing the document

The sealing prevents the document from being altered or falsified. The act of signing allows the signatory to prove its validity after signing, if necessary.

Instrument of signature with timestamp


Document Transaction Management (DTM) set up for repetitive work processes


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