Digitally sign leases, purchase agreements and appraisals

Digital signatures in the real estate industry cost less administrative work, also documents can be signed much faster at lower costs. Allowing your clients to digitally sign documents remotely contributes to the appreciation of the real estate specialist's innovative services.

Customers have the ability to sign, for example, a lease, sales contract or any other real estate document at any time and from any location. They can quickly, securely and legally sign documents using a smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet.

With Zynyo eSignature, you can easily sign the following documents:

  • Offers
  • Service contract
  • Rental agreements
  • Purchase contracts
  • Valuation reports
  • Proxies

proper digital signatures in real estate

The three levels of a digital signature are all legally valid, but they have a different degree of evidential value. Thus, in the event of a dispute, it remains difficult to prove whether a scanned signature was actually placed. With an advanced or qualified electronic signature, it is possible to establish this and establishing the identity is also important. The better, the higher the reliability and legal certainty.

"Zynyo's technology helps us establish our sales force nationwide while working centrally from 1 location. It works very efficiently and allows buyer and seller to sign the purchase agreement from the couch with a smartphone. The technology works well and is reliable."

- Mark Glass, The Free Estate Agent


When signing digitally, it is also possible to identify a person online immediately. When signing a document, the identification can be established with, among others, iDIN - a contraction of 'iDentify' and 'INlog'. This identity verification tool makes it possible for consumers to identify and authenticate themselves online using their own bank login. The principle is very simple because it works just like iDeal and also uses the same reliable infrastructure without any payment traffic.

Instead of making a payment, the name and address details known to the bank are released after logging on to your bank. Banks are obliged to check and record the identity details of their customers. This is stated in the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (WWFT). By checking and comparing the name and address details, the identity is confirmed. The big advantage is that almost everyone can use iDIN immediately.

"We wanted to be able to sign documents online quickly and easily. Ease, speed, cost savings, but also employees and customers who are positively surprised. Keep up the good work Zynyo!"

- Steven Lagerweij, Hoekstra & van Eck Brokers


Zynyo has made iDIN available as an authentication tool within the eSignature platform. Real estate professionals can use iDIN in different ways to have documents signed. This can be done through a technical API link with their own back office systems, but also with the Zynyo web application, the Zynyo START cloud solution or Zynyo Sharepoint.