Structure of prices

The pricing structure for the Zynyo Products

At Zynyo, we strongly believe in a partnership with our customers, and that includes a fair pricing structure. Therefore, with us, organizations pay only for the actual services they use, without being locked into high monthly fees.  

The fees for the Zynyo signing service include the following components: set-up and setup, subscription chosen application and the usage fee.

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Price structure

To give a clear overview of how our fees are structured, you can see below in 3 steps how the fees are arrived at. The fees for the Zynyo signing service consist of the following elements: set-up and setup, subscription and usage fees.

1. Design & layout

We create a Customer account on our signing service and customize the email template in the client's corporate identity. Our support team provides an introduction to the Application.

2. Subscription

A monthly fee covers the use of the application for the entire organization. We offer different types of applications for organizations of various sizes, both stand-alone and integrated into partner systems (see our Products for that).

3. Consumption cost

Fees are charged per signature based on actual usage. We also charge additional usage fees for signer identification via third parties if used (think SMS-TAN or iDIN).

With our web application (for small organizations or teams) you can start signing digitally from €50 per month (unlimited number of users). There is also no limit to the identification or authentication means that can be used.

For larger organization, we are happy to explore requirements together to provide a specific offer.

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Discover the ability to self-manage the onboarding process through the button below. By doing this independently, you will gain direct access to our services and save also on one-time setup and set-up costs.

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Our pricing structure provides transparency and is customer friendly. The consumption costs are only a fraction the cost of a physical (wet) signature. By switching to digital signing, organizations save significantly. Wondering how much you can save? Use our calculator to see how much you can save!

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