Digitizing document flows are a critical prerequisite for successful business in the construction industry

Changes in construction are happening at lightning speed. Work is increasingly effective and cost-efficient. Both within one's own company and throughout the supply chain. Digitizing document flows and using specific applications for this purpose are a critical prerequisite.

The use of digital signatures offers many advantages for organizations within industries, where many legal, administrative or procedural approval processes are required. For example, additional savings can easily be realized in the construction industry.

Since the introduction of the 2012 Public Procurement Act, a contracting authority can conduct a procurement completely digitally. This has major advantages for the bidders. The administrative burden is therefore considerably reduced. For example, since 1 September 2015, all tenders in the procurement domains of Ground, Road and Hydraulic Engineering (GWW) already go through a digital application and tender, which are only valid with a (qualified) digital signature.

Anyone in the construction industry who wants to work effectively and cost-efficiently will sign contracts such as agreements for the deployment of freelancers, coordination agreements, framework agreements with subcontractors, building team agreements and other documents digitally. In addition to saving costs compared to the traditional method, digital signing gives you control over the entire document flow and digital signing saves a lot of time because documents can be archived more quickly and easily.

The use of advanced or qualified digital signatures in construction can usually be integrated into existing applications. A small extension of the interfaces is often sufficient to be able to sign digitally. As a result, working with digital signatures is quickly adopted into the existing processes. No special education or training is required for employees.

Saving costs

Want to know how much your construction organization can save by using digital signatures? Then use our calculation module!