Municipality of Zoetermeer

The daily signing of many council resolutions was a time-consuming and inefficient process

The Zoetermeer municipality takes care of various tasks for its residents, for example in the field of benefits, environmental legislation, civil status, public safety, economic affairs, social affairs, education, spatial planning, transportation, etc. The city council represents the Zoetermeer residents, establishes the main policies, decides how the money is spent and controls the municipal executive.

The challenge

At the municipality of Zoetermeer, many council decisions have to be signed every day by the mayor and the clerk. This is a time-consuming and inefficient process, for which the mayor himself must be physically present. Moreover, all documents must be processed by the archives after they have been signed.

The solution

Council decisions are handled electronically by submitting all documents online to the Mayor and Clerk. Within their personal account, it is possible to select and sign all documents at once. Signed documents are provided with an electronic seal, a certified timestamp and a deed of signature. From the Zynyo Signing Service, a copy of the signed documents is also automatically sent to the archive. Because the signing takes place entirely online, the mayor can also securely sign on mobile at any time from anywhere.

Why Zynyo?

Zynyo is committed to digitization within government, providing innovative solutions in the areas of identification, digital signatures and other services at the highest possible level. These are fully in line with existing laws and regulations.

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