Easily identify people online with Zynyo e-ID

With the Zynyo e-ID, you can now identify your new customers completely digitally. This is done on the basis of personal data registered with a third party. It is no longer necessary to store copies of passports. With this eID, everything is handled directly and digitally. This complies with the AVG and saves you from storing copies with privacy-sensitive data.

How does e-ID work

The e-identification process begins with requesting identity data through our API. Here you can specify what exactly you want to request, think: age, gender, address, etc. Then you receive a link back to which you can send your customer. Through this link the process of consent to share this data starts. After this the customer will be sent back to your own page. Finally you get the opportunity to request the data.


With iDIN e-ID, your customers get the ability to log in in a highly secure way, without the hassle of usernames and passwords. Online identification based on username and password remains tricky. Users have to invent and remember passwords all the time. There is a risk that people choose easy-to-remember passwords, which are therefore also easy to guess, or. on the other hand, lose or forget their passwords.

With the Dutch banks' iDIN product, logging in has become safe and easy. IDIN works in exactly the same way as iDEAL and uses the same identification method as the bank's online banking system. Usually, logging in at a bank is done on the basis of an account number, card number and a code generated by a bank reader or via a QR code for the bank app on a smartphone.

In addition, your conversion rate will improve significantly when using iDIN. Consumers find sharing copies of passports or ID cards tedious because of privacy issues and the extra steps required. With iDIN, they share only the necessary personal data in an easy, fast and secure way.

iDIN as an e-ID

When the user opens the identity data request link, the iDIN process starts. Here the user chooses his bank. Here a QR code can be scanned with the banking app, where to the user gives permission to share data. The user is returned to the desired page, where to you can retrieve the data in the Zynyo API. More information on how to identify iDIN works? Click the button for more information

Implement immediately!

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