National Notary

Obtaining notarized products and related services can be complicated and high-threshold

Nationale Notaris is a nationwide chain of highly qualified notary offices. Since its inception on 1 January 2013, Nationale Notaris has grown so rapidly, despite the declining market for notarial products, that by the end of 2015 more than 50 notaries throughout the Netherlands offer their services through Nationale Notaris.

The challenge

Acquiring notarial products and related services can sometimes be very complicated and high-brow. Nationale Notaris wants to make this as accessible as possible, for example by ensuring that you can draw up agreements and/or wills yourself.

The solution

To close a Private Living Will (OLT), National Notary uses Zynyo DTM (Document Transaction Manager) in the cloud. In collaboration with our partner CheckedID, the OLT can be concluded quickly and at lower cost in a fully automated way online.

After ordering the OLT online, identity validation and verification follows with CheckedID's dedicated app. This is then validated by an advanced digital signature with Zynyo's Signing Service. This digitization allows customers to take out an OLT at any time and location at low cost.

Why Zynyo?

Zynyo is committed to the digitisation of legal services and offers innovative solutions in the areas of identification, digital signatures and other services at the highest possible level. These are fully in line with existing laws and regulations.

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