Digital signing is a logical next step in digitizing organizations

Organizations are going further and further in digitizing and optimizing their processes. The digital signature is a logical next step in this process because of its many advantages.

In addition to cost savings, administrative burden reduction, speed and control of the signing process are seen as benefits.

Control & grip

When you use digital signatures, you have several possibilities to see at any time where your documents to be signed are located. Whether these documents have already been viewed and signed. This way you know exactly where you stand and you have control and grip on the signing process. In addition, the signers are automatically asked by e-mail or SMS to read and sign the relevant documents so that the process does not take up any time. If necessary, they are reminded that they still need to sign.

Saving costs

The costs that you pay for digital signatures are usually many times lower than those for a wet written signature. In addition to postage and paper costs, the use of a digital signature saves an enormous amount of time in the administrative process. You do not have to call contractors, make adjustments to documents and start the signing process all over again, or have the problem of documents getting lost in the post.

person behind laptop who wants to sign digitally

Calculation module

Use our calculation module to calculate the costs your organization can save by using digital signatures instead of traditional wet signatures. Enter the average number of contracts to be signed per period and the average number of signatures that will be under each contract. At the bottom is an indication of the amount you can save.

The cost savings shown are indicative and based on an internal hourly rate of 36 Euros (including overhead and employer costs), the currently applicable postal rates, costs for paper and printing, handling and handling of signed contracts.

Benefits for all signatories

We often talk about the benefits of digital signing for the document provider. Important, but also consider the benefits for the signers. Digital signing also makes processes many times easier and more pleasant for these users.

By keeping everything digital, even these users no longer have to print, scan, buy stamps or, worse, stand in line somewhere to sign (often even during working hours). These are all things that create barriers and make the signing process slower, more expensive and less manageable. By using digital signatures, you are doing all signatories in the signing process a huge favor.

Key benefits

  • Time saving
  • Cost saving
  • In control
  • Environmentally friendly (less paper)
  • Automatic follow-up
  • Bulk signing, signing 1000s of documents at once
  • Infinite number of signatories on 1 document
  • Large variety of authentication means

Digital signing is CSR

The use of digital signatures contributes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Or sustainable business as it is often called in SMEs. CSR revolves around the triple-P approach, Profit, People and Planet. And especially the latter, taking responsibility regarding the environment, is endorsed by the use of digital signatures.

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