Digital signing in your organisation

With Zynyo, your organization can securely and reliably use digital signatures. Digital signing can be done with both advanced digital signatures and qualified digital signatures.

You can use it alongside your existing software or integrate it into your existing software. In the first case, you use a document management application linked to the Zynyo signing services. In the second case, you link our signing service to your software via our API. Of course, we support you with the integration of our signing services and we train your employees in the use of digital signatures.

Zynyo Infographic - eSign Document Signing Process

Most secure and reliable platform in the Netherlands

Zynyo has the most secure and reliable platform in the Netherlands for digital signatures. The fully redundant platform has been developed in the Netherlands and is hosted in Dutch data centers that meet all set certification requirements. The data is processed in an HSM with FIPS level 3, which is the highest level for IT solutions in secure environments.

The platform has very high availability and can process large volumes of digital signatures, up to 6,000,000 signatures per hour. As a result, there are no waiting times when processing signatures. The platform has a flexible configuration so that individual customer requirements can be quickly accommodated. This also allows for adequate response to changing laws and regulations. The platform is configured to make use of all available and reliable means of authentication.

Audit trail

Signed documents are provided with a deed of signature, a so-called 'audit trail'. This deed records all the steps of the signing process; who took what action when. This deed (and the signed document) is irrefutably recorded by sealing it with Zynyo's eSeal . This gives parties the guarantee that the document has not been changed in the interim.

Facilitating efficient signing process

ZYNYO's platform facilitates the signing process, making it easy, fast and secure to sign documents. The platform's many features give the sender continuous insight into and control of the process, while internal and external signers can easily sign documents using a variety of authentication methods. This can be done any place, any time and any device.

Benefits Zynyo

  • Most secure and reliable platform in the Netherlands
  • Advanced and qualified digital signatures
  • Compliant with current laws and international agreements
  • Low costs based on actual use
  • 24/7 support
  • Fast implementation

How does it work?

Authentication means

At Zynyo, we use a variety of authentication methods:

  • iDIN
  • DigiD
  • Yivi
  • eRecognition
  • Passport (CheckedID)
  • Personalised PKI certificates
  • Organisation-specific PKI certificates


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