Send documents for signature easily and reliably from SharePoint Online

The Zynyo app for SharePoint Online allows you to send documents for signature directly from your organization's SharePoint environment.

How does it work?

SharePoint Online has become one of the most powerful platforms for document management, process management and online collaboration. SharePoint Online is integrated into the Enterprise editions of Office 365. The integration with Office applications and the linkability with other systems such as ERP and CRM systems means that all possible documents can be centrally accessed and can therefore be found quickly.

The Zynyo app for SharePoint Online enables you to send documents for signature directly from your organization's SharePoint environment. Signers, both internal and external, are invited by email to digitally sign the document. This e-mail contains a link to the Zynyo Signing Service environment where the sent document can be viewed and signed using a mouse signature or based on a mobile phone number with SMS-TAN.

It is also possible to ask the signer to identify themselves with the data known to the bank using iDIN. Signing documents does not require an Office 365 or SharePoint account.

The signed document is sealed with an electronic certificate, timestamped and authenticated with the legal validity and security you have come to expect from Zynyo.

Zynyo SharePoint App features

  • Multiple signatories possible
  • Different means of authentication (AES and QES)
  • Select contacts from your Microsoft applications
  • Receive signed documents in SharePoint
  • Realtime document status visible


  • Send reminders
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Administrator function for settings and consumption
  • Email signature requests in your own house style

SharePoint app installation

Want to know how you can easily add the SharePoint app to your site? Then go to this page for the instructions.

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