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Optimize your business operations with the Zynyo web application

Zynyo Web Application

The Zynyo web application enables the quick and easy digital signing of any document, fully compliant with European legislation, without relying on lengthy paper processes. The web application digitizes all kinds of approval processes and offers the ideal solution for small to medium-sized organizations or departments within large companies. For larger organizations, we recommend the DTM.


Save time and increase secure handling by easily viewing the status of secure documents. The application allows multiple signers to sign both internally and externally. Simply place your signature scribble on the document with your mouse or finger (for touch screen). Moreover, the signing process can be extended with an additional check to get more legal security; through two-factor authentication or identification (see also our eID services for that).

The signing process

After all signers have approved the document, Zynyo adds a 'Audit Trail' to the document containing the audit trail of the signing actions. Next, the document is digitally sealed with Zynyo's PKI certificate. Upon completion of the signing process, all signers receive the digitally signed document by email

The web application supports all 3 levels of digital signing: (1) simple, (2) advanced and (3) qualified. You can choose which level you wish to use for each document. Or you limit to options and determine for your organization what level and means your signed documents require.

Our web application offers you the following functionalities such as for example:

  • Overview of open and processed documents
  • Cancel signing process
  • Send a reminder directly
  • Status of open documents (opened, read, validated, signed)
  • Status of processed documents (signed, cancelled, expired)
  • Automatic reminders
  • Merge or separate document and Deed of Signature

Because of the platform's many functionalities, the sender has continuous insight and control over the process. This can be done any place, any time and any device.

Experience for yourself the convenience of the web application

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