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TIO College Transforms Signing Processes with Zynyo

TIO Hogeschool has successfully optimized signing processes using Zynyoin collaboration with Exact partner A-Real Solutions. This digital transformation has the business processes significantly improved and led to increased efficiency and security.

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Linking with Exact Synergy

Digitizing signing processes of documents in Exact Synergy was a crucial step to improve the efficiency of the business operations of TIO University of Applied Sciences improve. The seamless linking of Exact Synergy with the Zynyo-platform means that our users can now sign documents without the familiar environment of Exact Synergy environment.

Signature with identification

At TIO University of Applied Sciences, we have a signing process whereby a mandatory initial on each page in the document is combined with a additional identification of the signatory. A verification code is sent to the signer's cell phone number and is provided by Zynyo validated before the signing is completed.

Safe and legal

Using the integration from A- Real Solutions, signers are invited to sign documents within the secure environment of Zynyo to view and sign them. In particular, the HR department uses Zynyo for signing employment contracts. In this process, it is essential that signing take place with a high level of security. All signing activities are recorded in an accurate audit trail, which is attached to the original document.

Advantages TIO University of Applied Sciences

TIO University of Applied Sciences has realized significantly more efficient signing and archiving processes, which now only take a few minutes. In addition, there is always instant insight into the status of signing within Exact Synergy, and all signed documents are immediately saved in their own environment.

Using Zynyo has not only optimized workflow, but also strengthened security and compliance with standards for (digital) signing.

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