PKIo CloudHosting

Sign digitally qualified everywhere without additional hardware and software

Zynyo is the first signing service in the Netherlands that can offer qualified signing from the cloud.

This means that in addition to the digital signing software, the essential PKIo or PKIoverheid professional certificates can also be hosted in the cloud. Certificate holders therefore have the option of qualified digital signing anywhere and without additional hardware and software via an Internet connection.

Convenience serves the man

The majority of certificate holders rely on a USB flash drive or smart card with the certificate on it. In some cases, they even purchase special software and hardware known as an HSM. With Zynyo PKIo CloudHosting, all the hassle of USB sticks, smart cards and costly, complex hardware is a thing of the past.

Moreover, it not only gives you the option of unilateral qualified digital signing, as when using a USB stick and smart card, but also allows you to do advanced and qualified signing in one document.

PKIo Cleverbase

Zynyo PKIo CloudHosting Benefits

There are several advantages to hosting PKIoverheid professional certificates in the cloud. We have listed a number of them for you:

  • Signing without special hardware or software
  • No hassle with USB sticks or smart cards
  • Multiple levels of signatures on one document (when using USB stick and smart card, only one-sided signing is possible)
  • Qualified and advanced signing in one document

Interested in Zynyo PKIo CloudHosting?

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