Signing services

Extend your own software with our signing services intergration for electronic signing

Zynyo makes it possible to integrate your developed software with our signing services. This provides your customers with all the possibilities for legally valid digital signatures.

Communication with our platform takes place via your own interfaces. This enables your customers to create advanced and/or qualified digital signatures from your software. Connecting to our platform is very easy through our API. Of course we support you with the integration of our signing services. If desired, with an expert at your location.

We agree with you on fixed tariffs for the use of the signing services and our support department helps you quickly and adequately in case of emergencies or normal user questions.

Zynyo is the ideal signing service partner for advanced and qualified digital signatures. With Zynyo, you can offer a high quality service at low cost. In addition, with Zynyo you will always comply with the applicable laws and regulations and you will offer a diversity of authentication means through Zynyo, so that the desired level of reliability is present for each signing process. Zynyo itself works with a (Dutch) PKI certificate, which is required by European legislation to be able to sign qualified or advanced electronically.

Watch out! EU PKI certificate mandatory!

According to European legislation (eIDAS), qualified and advanced electronic signatures must use PKI certificates issued in the European Union. Pay attention to this when choosing your signing service partner.

Zynyo has Dutch PKI certificates and therefore complies with the eIDAS regulation.

Why Zynyo?

The Zynyo signing service for software developers offers you the following:

  • Integration of full legal signature process in your software
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Linking via REST or SOAP API
  • Implementation support (on site if required)
  • High-quality infrastructure (> 1700 transactions per second)
  • Low costs based on actual use
  • 24/7 support
  • Software supports signing of interactive documents

And for your customers:

  • Legally sign documents digitally within your applications
  • Both advanced and qualified digital signatures
  • Compliant with current legislation and international agreements
  • Integration into existing administrative processes
  • Large variety of authentication means
  • Unlimited number of signatories on 1 document
  • Automatic follow-up by means of mail and/or SMS

Become a partner?

Would you like to integrate responsible digital signing into your software and become a partner of Zynyo? Then contact us without obligation!