Digital signing is CSR

Using digital signatures contributes to Corporate Social Responsibility

The use of digital signatures contributes to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Or sustainable business as it is often called in SMEs. CSR revolves around the triple-P approach, Profit, People and Planet.

And especially the latter, taking responsibility toward the environment, is endorsed by the use of digital signatures. Not only is less paper consumed when using digital signatures. It also reduces the sending of documents to zero. And that, in turn, is good for reducing CO2 emissions, for example.

In addition, the number of administrative actions is greatly reduced by the use of digital signatures. Think about sending contracts, calling contractors, changing contracts during the signing process or making copies or scans for your own administration. And that saves you a lot of energy and time.

Triple P stands for People, Planet and Profit. It is a way of indicating that companies are working in a sustainable way in all areas. We briefly explain the 3 Ps:

  • People: The welfare of employees and society is always taken into account. Think about investing in staff, diversity, human rights and child labour,
  • Planet: The environment is taken into account in all business activities. For example, by using energy wisely or separating waste,
  • Profit: In addition to the company's sales and profits, one also looks at the economic effects that business activities have on the immediate environment. Consider employment, infrastructure and sponsorship.