Transact deeds online with reliable identification and digital signature

14 April 2020

On April 21, the Senate approved the Temporary COVID-19 Justice and Security Act, which allows the use of digital means in the passing of notarized deeds in emergency situations.

Transact deeds online with reliable identification and digital signature

The decision concerns the use of audiovisual means where the notary must properly justify in the file why this was done. The KNB considers this working method to be in line with the role of the notary who, also in the current situation, should offer continuity to litigants and continue to enable them to record agreements in a notarial deed.

The temporary act enables the civil-law notary to perform certain activities via audiovisual connection. This includes the identification of parties, consisting of validating an ID card and verifying its holder. In practice, however, it is extremely difficult to validate an ID document via an audiovisual connection. This requires thorough training.

With the proven and certified technique made available through a mobile app(CheckedID) of JanusID, a notary public can easily validate an ID document. The authenticity of the ID-card of the signer is established, among others, by reading the NFC chip in the passport. It is also established that the signatory is the owner of the ID document. This last verification also includes a 'liveness check' to ensure that the remote signer is a 'real person'. This prevents identity fraud. The outcome is available in the form of a verification report.

With a trusted identity, documents can then be validly signed digitally using Zynyo's signing platform. Signed documents are digitally sealed and provided with a deed of signature with the identity of the signer and time stamps of all signing actions.

With this integrated signing and identity verification service from JanusID and Zynyo, the authenticity of the signed deed by a remote signatory is greatly enhanced and optimally meets the requirements for a notarial deed as required by emergency legislation.

The combination of Zynyo's signing platform with JanusID's identity verification app (CheckedID) is easy to use, for both notaries and signers. The combination is already being used, for example, to conclude a private living will entirely online. Thereby, the verification report is attached to this deed, which is signed in full by clients.

We are happy to discuss how this solution can also work for you through a video call. This way, you as a notary can serve your clients well even in these special times, with the highest possible assurance that the signed deed meets the regulations in which the form of a notarial deed is required. You can reach us at 088 - 00 287 00 or by sending an email via this link.