Power your Microsoft Office 365 with eSignatures plug-ins

14 May 2020

The use of cloud solutions by Dutch companies and institutions continues to grow. Meanwhile, 68 percent of the organisations in the Netherlands use one or more software solutions in the cloud. Cloud applications are most popular with multinationals and the government. With a market share of 39.7 percent, Microsoft is the largest supplier of cloud software.

Power your Microsoft Office 365 with eSignatures plug-ins

The Microsoft Office 365 suite has many capabilities to support organisations in document management, process management and online collaboration. Recognizing the need for organizations to work from the cloud, Zynyo is also integrating its signature platform with Microsoft to further digitize business processes. By combining Microsoft with Zynyo, documents can be handled digitally and work processes are no longer interrupted by time-consuming tasks such as printing, signing, sending and scanning.

Zynyo has developed an application for SharePoint Online, so that documents can be signed within this Microsoft environment. The app makes it possible to send documents for signing directly from the SharePoint environment of your organization and, after signing, to receive them again. Because a digital signature is a legally recognized signature, there are requirements for the signed document, so when sending, additional contact information is needed to identify the signer.

Another powerful product within the Office 365 suite is Power Automate (previously known as Flow). This workflow application automates time-consuming tasks in business processes by allowing Office 365 applications, external applications, files and data to communicate with each other. See this video for a short impression of Power Automate:

The possibilities of digital signing in combination with Power Automate are great and ideal for creating work processes with a fixed sequence of signers. An example of automated steps within such a work process in combination with digital signing looks like this:

  • Someone prepares a document and saves it in a folder with documents that need to be approved before they are sent to the signatory(s).
  • The moment the document is placed in the folder, a manager automatically receives an (e-mail) message that a document is ready to be approved.
  • When the manager approves the document with the 'Approvals' extension, the signing process starts automatically (facilitated by the eSign connector). An invitation to sign is now sent by e-mail to the pre-set, standard signers.
  • After all signatures have been received, a signed version of the document is stored in a previously assigned repository (folder or archive).

When you use SharePoint as your document management system, you can easily create automatic workflows to send documents from your document library for signing.

Do you want to apply this in your business processes? Please contact us.